My first job as a Web Developer

Volunteer — Ruby on Rails Developer.

I decided to join a non-profit organisation so I can put my feet into the door and start building my commercial experience.

I went through many “Unfortunately we decided to move forward with other applicants”. Always when I was on the phone with someone from HR and we were passing over the question “What is your commercial experience?”, I could feel in their voice the loss of enthusiasm.

I wanted to change that, and I applied to a non-profit organisation which came with three benefits:

  • doing something good for society
  • showing my real desire to work to employers
  • building my commercial experience

It was the single email with a positive answer I’ve seen so far. I scheduled the interview and fortunately, I passed it.

I was welcomed to a great team that works based on Agile tasks. The team is awesome and the way I’ve seen they work, I consider will be a good fit for me.

I don’t want to give up in looking for my dream job, and if I need to work one year for free just to be able to advertise on my resume 1 year of experience, I am ready to do that.

Meanwhile, I will still apply to all the jobs that require my skills, try to connect to as many people as possible, practice daily for algorithms in JavaScript and Ruby and work as a Volunteer Ruby on Rails Developer.